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​Business term deposits

Make your money work as hard as you do


Redeemable term deposit

Save with confidence and have the flexibility to cash out or reinvest anytime

Redeemable term deposits, also known as Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs), are a safe investment that give you the freedom to withdraw some or all of your funds before the term ends. They give you the option to earn more interest on money you don’t need for day-to-day operations.

  • Features
    • Flexible term options
      Various term lengths with options to cash out or reinvest early
    • Interest
      Calculated daily, paid monthly or annually
    • Low minimum deposit
      Invest as little as $500

Non-redeemable term deposit

Invest with confidence and lock in funds to earn a higher rate 

Non-redeemable term deposits are a no-risk investment option since they offer a guaranteed way to earn interest on your principal investment. Terms deposits are a smart way to add to your business savings strategy.

  • Features
    • Flexible term options
      Short and long terms available, from 30 days to 5 years
    • Interest
      Calculated daily, paid annually or at maturity
    • Affordable minimum deposit
      Invest as little as $500
    • US dollar term deposit
      Invest in a US dollar term deposit with as little as $1,000 USD

Market-linked term deposit

Get the best of both worlds — security of a term deposit and growth potential of the stock market

Market-linked term deposits are a great option to diversify your business savings strategy. They offer higher growth potential since the rates of return are linked to the stock market. Performance of the S&P/TSX 60 Index*, which tracks Canada’s 60 foremost companies of the Toronto Stock Exchange across 10 industry sectors, determines how much interest you’ll earn.

  • Features
    • Flexible term options
      Choose between 3-year or 5-year terms
    • Interest
      Higher growth potential based on market performance
    • Minimum deposit
      Invest as little as $1,000
    • Guaranteed principal
      ​Your initial investment is 100% guaranteed


What you get with all business term deposits

Loyalty Program


Eligible for cash bonuses on deposit interest*
No risk investment Term deposits are no-risk investments, and your money is always guaranteed
No administration fees No administration fees or commissions
Higher interest rates Pays higher rates than regular chequing or savings accounts
100% deposit guarantee Deposits are 100% insured by the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation (CUDIC) of British Columbia
Loan security Funds can be used to secure a loan rather than redeeming the term for faster approval and to get a better interest rate

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*Bonus and rebate percentages are announced annually and payment is not guaranteed. A minimum of a $5 payment per account is required to receive payment. Qualifying business membership types include sole proprietorship, partnership, limited partnership, corporation, limited liability corporation, incorporated society, or joint venture.

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1 year non-redeemable


3 year non-redeemable


5 year non-redeemable


Other fees and terms

*Rates are subject to change.

Small business advisors

Local expertise for your business

Our experienced advisors provide support and work with a variety of business owners and entrepreneurs to:

  • Secure funding for growth
  • Explore areas of opportunity
  • Support with merchant services and cashflow management
  • Simplify processes so you can focus on more important things


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Cash management tips

When to choose a business term deposit

Term deposits are safe investment options and a guaranteed way to grow your savings. Choose a business term deposit if you want to:

  • Earn more interest
  • Set aside money for a future goal
  • Use your savings to secure a business loan
  • Diversify and balance your business investment plan
Cash management tips

When to choose a business savings account

Savings accounts allow you to save and access your money anytime. Choose a business savings account if you want to:

  • Withdraw some or all of your money anytime
  • Save for immediate or short term goals
  • Add to your savings whenever you want
  • Build a cash reserve for your business

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*Standard & Poor’s®” and “S&P®” are trademarks of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. and have been licensed for use by Central 1 Credit Union and sublicensed by Aldergrove Credit Union. “TSX” is a trademark of the Toronto Stock Exchange and has been licensed for use by Central 1 Credit Union and sublicensed by the Aldergrove Credit Union. The Market-Linked Term Deposits are not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by Standard & Poor’s or the Toronto Stock Exchange and neither party makes any representation regarding the advisability of investing in these deposits.

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