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Digital banking updates

Personal Financial Management tools will no longer be available from your online banking and mobile banking app effective Monday, November 23

Personal Financial Management tools that will no longer be available, include features that:

  • Allow linking to external accounts 
  • Manage budgets and categorizes transactions
  • Provide spending and trends analysis
  • Report assets and liabilities 

All other online banking and mobile app features will remain the same, including Qtrade investment account linking.

We're working hard to bring you more powerful digital banking tools later in 2021, that will offer secure and convenient ways to do your day-to-day banking in the future. 

Questions? Reach out to us at: hello@aldergrovecu.ca604-857-9220

Questions and answers

​What will happen to my favourite features? Will my accounts still be linked?

Partner accounts like Aviso Wealth (Qtrade Investor, Qtrade Advisor, and Qtrade Asset Management) will remain linked. But external accounts with other financial institutions, and other assets and liabilities that you may have registered in online banking, will no longer be available. This means that functionality such as linking to external accounts, assets and liabilities, transaction categories, spending and trends analysis and budgeting will no longer be available.

Later in 2021 we’ll be launching new features and tools designed to enhance your digital banking experience, and help you manage your finances. We’re excited for what’s coming!

​Is there any other action I need to take?

No, you won’t have to make any changes to your existing online banking or mobile app. But, if you’re planning to use a different personal financial management tool outside of Aldergrove Credit Union, then we’re recommending that you record which accounts, assets and liabilities you have included before this information is removed on November 23, 2020.

​Why is this happening?

Our focus is on bringing you better products and services to allow you to bank how, when, and where you want. 

It’s important to us that we provide you with digital banking tools and features that are innovative, accessible, and user-friendly. In 2021, we’ll be launching new features and tools designed to enhance your digital banking experience and help you manage your finances even more safely and securely. We’re excited for what’s coming next! 

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