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Our shared vision for the future is now a reality


Aldergrove Credit Union members believe this is our best path forward and voted in favour of the merger with Gulf and Fraser Fishermen’s Credit Union 


Day 1

August 1, 2021 marks the first day of our new, stronger, and more resilient combined credit union

Walk through the doors of any of our 24 branch locations across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley and you’ll be welcomed by a friendly smile. You’ll also be able to perform select day-to-day banking transactions.

During the transition to bring our systems together in the coming weeks and months, processing transactions at a legacy Aldergrove Credit Union branch may take longer than usual as we adapt to new processes. Until our systems are united, here’s a general list of transactions you can perform: 

  • Ordering a debit card 
  • Buying or selling USD cash
  • Online banking set-up or maintenance
  • Ordering cheques
  • Loan inquiries
  • Applying for a credit card
  • Account inquiries 
  • Deposits 
  • Withdrawals transfers between accounts
  • Wire transfers
  • Bill payments
  • Official cheques

There are a few transactions that you’ll need to take care of at your original branch:

  • Opening a safety deposit box 
  • Ordering starter cheques 

Above all, your experience is our priority. You can stay up to date with the latest member news at as we continue the great work to bring our credit unions and members together.

Until then, please share your feedback and questions using our member survey, or connect with us by phone or email. 

Thank you for your continued trust in us as we build your new credit union.



Better Together

Visit for more information about the merger between Aldergrove Credit Union and Gulf and Fraser Fishermen's Credit Union (G&F Financial Group), plus:

  • Discover how the credit unions are helping in the community 
  • Explore Frequently Asked Questions
  • Watch the partnership videos 
  • Listen to the podcast series
  • Learn about the benefits of the merger
  • And much more!




More Better Together merger resources

Please connect with us with your comments or questions and check out the following information:


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