Password Protection

The protection and confidentiality of your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and/or your Personal Access Code (PAC) passwords are very important in keeping your money safe.

Tips for safeguarding your passwords:

  • Memorize your PIN number and if you suspect someone knows your PIN, change it immediately
  • If your MemberCard is lost, stolen or retained by an ATM contact your Aldergrove Credit Union branch immediately
  • When selecting your PIN number don’t pick the obvious choose a more complicated combination of numbers
  • Use your hand or body to shield your password when doing transactions at ATM’s, POS machines or at a publicly viewed computer terminal to prevent people from looking over your shoulder while you type in your PIN or PAC
  • Change your passwords on a regular basis
  • Don’t pick an obvious or common PIN. Numbers like your address, telephone number and date of birth are all easy to find out. Choose something more complicated. If you don’t you could be held liable for losses

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