Debit Card Fraud

How it happens? Debit card fraud occurs when your Aldergrove Credit Union MemberCard is stolen or counterfeited (‘skimmed’) and used to obtain funds from your bank account without your authorization.

Card Skimming
Card skimming is the unauthorized copying of electronic data, using hidden equipment, from your debit card to obtain your PIN number. The stolen data is then encoded onto a counterfeit card which is then used to withdraw funds from your bank account without your knowledge.

How it happens? Card readers are placed at the ATM machine either over top of the legitimate card reader, or on the entrance door to the ATM if there is a card reader device on the door for access. Hidden cameras are strategically placed to capture you entering your PIN. At a POS terminal, the electrical components inside the PIN pad are altered to capture data from your debit card and your PIN as it is entered.

How to protect yourself

  • Keep your debit card in a safe place and do not lend it to anyone, including friends and family
  • Memorize your PIN number and if you suspect someone knows your PIN, change it immediately
  • Change your PIN number on a regular basis
  • Use your hand to shield your PIN number when entering it at the ATM or on a debit card (POS) machine to prevent ‘shoulder surfing
  • Check your account statements regularly to verify all transactions and contact your Aldergrove Credit Union branch immediately if you discover any inaccuracies
  • Do not use ATM or debit card (POS) machines that have been physically altered
  • During a transaction always keep your debit card within your sight and do not allow it to be "swiped" twice
  • Remember to obtain both your card and the transaction record once the transaction is complete
  • Be alert. If someone is watching you or makes you feel uncomfortable, cancel the transaction and use a different machine
  • Contact your branch immediately or call 1 888 277 1043 if you detect any unusual activity or if your MemberCard is lost, stolen or retained at an ATM

If you suspect that you have been a victim of debit card fraud, please contact your Aldergrove Credit Union branch immediately or call 1 888 277 1043 to report your card lost or stolen.


What should you do if you fall victim to debit card fraud?

Step 1 - Contact your Aldergrove Credit Union branch immediately. Depending on the circumstance your branch may block your card to prevent losses, ask you to change your PIN or cancel your card then issue you a new one. You may also be asked to sign an affidavit if there are fraudulent transactions in your account.

Step 2 - Contact your credit bureau and have fraud alerts placed on your credit reports:

Equifax Canada

Toll free: 1 800 465 7166

TransUnion Canada

Toll free: 1 877 525 3823

Step 3 - Contact your local police department

Step 4 - Report the incident to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre by calling 1 888 495 8501


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