When it comes time to start planning for post-secondary education, the best way to reach your goal is to have a good plan, understand the grants available to you, and get help selecting the right RESP investment account.

Today's Lesson: How to BE RESP SMART:

Step #1: Open an RESP account
Whether your savings goals are short or long term, we offer a variety of RESP investment options including a flexible savings account, and fixed rate term deposits with competitive rates. Don’t miss out on the extra contributions available to you.

Step #2: Set up pre-authorized contributions
Your long term plan has a greater chance for success when you commit to a realistic amount to contribute on a monthly basis.

Step #3: Ask us about the $1,200 BCTES grant and other government programs.
Actually, there could be more than $1,200 available to you, provided you meet the criteria. With three Federal and Provincial Government funded grants available, each with their own set of eligibility requirements, you can help prepare to fund your child’s education faster and easier than you think.
Learn more about all three grants, here.

If you have a child who is ready for post secondary school this year or next year, be sure to check out the Credit Union Foundation of British Columbia Bursary Program.

Let us help you start your smart RESP savings plan today!

*Terms and conditions apply. Visit BC Training and Education Savings Grant webpage for eligibility requirements.


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