CRA Direct Deposit

New CRA direct deposit service enrollment

Personal members can now sign up to get payments from the CRA deposited into their account through online banking. Business members can learn how to set up direct deposit below. 

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will deposit the following types of refunds and payments in your account:

  • Canada Emergency Response Benefit 
  • Income tax refunds 
  • Good and services tax/harmonized sales tax (GST/HST) credit and any similar provincial or territorial payments 
  • Canada child benefit (CCB)
  • Canada workers benefit  (CWB)
  • Deemed overpayment of tax 

You only need to register once to receive any type of refund or payment. 

If you have already registered for direct deposit you do not need to register again. Doing so will overwrite your existing registration settings. 

To change contact information provided to the CRA or to deregister from direct deposit, please call 1 800 959 8281. 

How business members can sign up for CRA direct deposit

Since CRA benefits only support SIN-based payouts, direct deposit is not available to loans currently being provided to small businesses with a Business Number.

Small businesses with a Business Number can update their Direct Deposit information through their business portal. Payments Canada will circulate CRA’s link to my business account where businesses can sign up.

To enroll in direct deposit from the CRA:

  1. Login to online banking 
  2. Click Account Services 
  3. Click CRA Direct Deposit
  4. Review the payment information and click Next
  5. Select the applicable account and click Next
  6. Click Submit

This feature is not available on ACU's mobile app or mobile website; it can only be accessed via the desktop site.

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