Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefits

This segregated fund product guarantees your income for the rest of your life, with eligibility starting at age 55. Depending on market performance, the investor has an opportunity to increase the amount of guaranteed payout. For investors who buy this product early and do not take withdrawals, a 5% bonus is added to the base amount that your guaranteed income will be calculated on.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Can be based on one life payout or held jointly with your spouse
  • The option to increase your withdrawal rate if income is deferred to later years
  • Percentage payouts are generally as follows:
 Age Annual Withdrawal
 55 4%
 65 5%
 75 6%
  • Ideal for Locked-in Retirement Account (LIRA) contracts where annuitants only receive a limited payout as per pension legislation
  • 100% death benefit guarantee of net invested value
  • Estate planning and potential creditor protection benefits available in many circumstances
  • A wide range of investment choices are available managed by some of Canada's leading money managers
  • Ideal for investors nearing retirement who are focused on saving
  • Also ideal for those in retirement who are drawing income from their savings
  • For non-registered funds, this product offers very tax effective income

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