Donations and Sponsorships

As sponsorship and donation requests for Aldergrove Credit Union are ever-increasing, we have determined that preference will be given to causes and events that are aligned with our mission, values and company culture. The following are categories that we have historically sponsored or donated to. Please review the following, and identify if your cause or event fits into any of the categories:

  • Youth sports teams, fundraisers, ads in programs
  • School fundraisers, grad, sports, art, band
  • Individual or organizational community requests
  • Event sponsorships
  • Large one time requests
  • High school bursaries

Some areas that we may not sponsor or donate to include:

  • Religious or political causes
  • For-profit organizations
  • Causes creating a conflict of interest with the credit union, or for which credit union members may hold widely diverse opinions
  • Individuals
  • Funds used for debt service or deficit reduction

Contact your local community branch or complete our online application to apply for donations or sponsorships.


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